Wu Guanxi, a Shanghai player in the CBA game, was temporarily banned. Yao Ming was very angry.

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Wu Mingxi, a Shanghai player in the CBA game, was temporarily banned. Yao Ming was very angry.
Minnan.com, November 2 last night, 40 minutes before the start of the first round of the CBA new season, the Chinese Basketball Association temporarily informed the Shanghai team player Wu Guanxi that he could not play the game on the grounds of incomplete transactions.This shoe is going to be hot. The Shanghai men’s basketball team is reduced in the official Weibo: The Chinese Basketball Association notified the Shanghai team on the first day of the CBA league game on November 1st. Player Wu Guanxi will be absent tonight due to incomplete league registration procedures and the dense state of Zhejiang.Team game.Subsequently, a microblog was posted, spending: the relevant registration materials have already been submitted, the preseason let go, the physical test has passed, and the game is not allowed to play.Don’t be deceiving too much!  In addition, according to insiders from the Shanghai Club, Yao Ming himself, the boss of the Shanghai team, was also very angry about the basketball association’s actions.  Before the game, the soldiers of the Shanghai team posted tapes with the words Brother Brothers Greek on their boots. This was not only a protest against the basketball association’s behavior, but also the firmest support for their comrades.It is understood that the Shanghai club has already submitted Wu Guanxi’s registration materials, Wu Wu Guanxi has successfully passed the physical examination and participated in the CBA preseason.The Shanghai Basketball Association said that it was difficult to understand the statement that the Chinese Basketball Association had incomplete notification procedures before the first round of the CBA.  This matter has caused heated discussions among fans. Most of them vent their dissatisfaction with the Chinese Basketball Association. In the professional league, will there be such a low-level mistake?The Chinese Football Association lay down again and was shot. The Chinese Basketball Association was as black as the Football Association.(Kaihua)