10th NBA Live Rockets vs Spurs Online Watch Address Harden Leonard MVP duel _1

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10th NBA Live Rockets vs Spurs Online Watch Address Harden Leonard MVP duel
On November 9th, Beijing time, the Rockets (4 wins and 3 losses) will challenge the Spurs (5 wins and 2 losses) tomorrow. This is also the last stop of their five consecutive game.Rockets vs. Spurs live online viewing address: QQ Live (without plugins) QQ Live 2 (without plugins) QQ Live 3 (without plugins) interactive graphic live scores live scores The first 8 games of the first season, the Rockets have 7 away games, like thisThe schedule is obviously extremely unfavorable.However, the Rockets have achieved 2 wins and 2 losses in the past four away games. Losses to the Cavaliers and Eagles are normal. Their performance is not disappointing.  After Mike D’Antoni became the team’s coach, the Rockets held up the offensive banner and returned to the game with 7 games this season. They could win 108 in the backcourt.9 points, second only to the Warriors and Suns in the West.Harden changed to play as a point guard, allowing his talent to be further developed.  In the last game that defeated the Wizards, Harden scored 32 points, 15 assists and 6 rebounds. He also scored at least 30 points and 10 assists in four consecutive games. The last feat was Michael Jordan. He played in the 1988-89 season.I did it before.It was Harden’s outbreak in the second half that ruined John Wall’s night (assistance assists in team history) and gave the team a valuable victory.  Offense has become a magic weapon for the Rockets. Their philosophy is to use the offense to kill opponents.  Last season, the Spurs’ home record was 40 wins and 1 loss, which is called the Devil’s home.The Spurs lost 2 games this season, all of which are home games.In the game against the Clippers, the Spurs’ defense was used as a sieve. They gave the Clippers 39 points in the first quarter and 73 points in the first half.You know, in Popovich’s 21 seasons with the Spurs, he lost 70 points at halftime, this is the second time.  Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs’ first six games, he was the king of the team.But against the Clippers, he only scored 14 points, less than his first six games per game (28.5 points) half.We did very badly on defense.In the two games we lost, our defense in the first quarter hurt ourselves. It felt like we gave up the game.  Spurs point guard Tony Parker missed the team’s last three games due to the impact of the blow injury.However, Parker has already participated in the team’s training, he is expected to participate in tomorrow’s game.Once Parker returns, the strength of the Spurs’ backcourt will be greatly improved. Parker has extensive experience, and his passing and playing ability can help the team.  The Spurs have La Marcus Aldridge and Paul Gasol twin towers, their dramatic ability will pose a great threat to the Rockets inside.Especially Gasol, his response and passing, not only can match well with outside players, but also can play high inside.  In the five games won, the Spurs lost at most one point in the opener against the Warriors, giving their opponents 100 points. In the other four games, they restricted their opponents to 100 points.Offense is the idea of the Rockets. Once they are clamped by their opponents, it becomes very difficult for them to win.