CCTV launched the MV White Wall in the battle of epidemic, Han Lei sang

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CCTV launched the MV “White Wall” in the battle of “epidemic”, Han Lei sang
On the evening of February 29, the MV film “Great Wall in White” created by the Central Broadcasting and Television Station CCTV Literary and Art Program Center was launched.”The Great Wall in White” was written by Chen Tao, composed by Wang Bei, and sung by singer Han Lei.The song is accompanied by a picture of a white angel fighting retrogressively. The entire MV uses a combination of singer pictures and news materials. It contains many videos of relatives photographed by many netizens, hugs of parents and children, and gazes of lovers and lovers.In the early communication, the creative team of “The Great Wall in White” agreed that the white soldier should be compared to a soldier in combat. At the same time, this song is very different from the war song.Medical staff have a high proportion of women, so they use elements of tenderness in their creations.Singer Han Lei bluntly said that this epidemic is very touching for any singer. The responsibility of the singer is to pour out soul, emotion, and even all to express, and he must be full of emotion and respect to celebrate all the battles and dedication on the front lineWhite angels, white heroes.”They are soldiers who give spiritual inspiration to the world and are role models for our lives.””I don’t know their names, but I can see their eyes and say that the people with bright stars are because they haven’t seen the eyes of these nurses.” This is the simultaneous voice of a patient in the MV, director groupPut this sentence originally into it.The director group said that it seems to be plain, but it is very precious, and hopes to express its respect to the medical staff through this song, guarding life with life, and casting the Great Wall with blood, which is also what the “White Wall” hopes to express.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Wu Longzhen proofreading He Yan