Battle of Qatar Qatar’s 23-man roster-No. 10 core leader La Liga front selected _1

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The list of 23 players in the battle of Qatar: the 10th core leader La Liga is selected
On the evening of November 14, the AFC announced the 23-man roster and jersey numbers for the battle between Qatar and Qatar.In this list, the injured captain of the Air Force is wearing a No. 10 jersey, and Akram Afev, who plays for La Liga in the La Liga, wears the No. 11.  On the 4th of this month, Qatar coach Fossati announced a large list of 27 people.Since Fosati replaced Carreno as the team’s new coach, the Qatar national team replaced almost half of the players.It is worth mentioning that four players in Qatar were suspended by FIFA, namely Hassan, Yassel, Mufta and Meshar.  Today, the Qatar Football Association announced a list of 23 people.In this list, captain Haydos wears the No. 10 jersey, the team’s most valuable Tian Tian wears the No. 7, the old acquaintance of Chinese football Sebastian wears the No. 23, Huh, Budiav wearsTabards 16 and 17.  According to the regulations of the AFC, the day before the top 12 games, each team must submit a list of 23 people.The team can also change players at any time 6 hours before the start of the match.Since Qatar reported 27 people, the final list of 23 people tomorrow night still has a lot of variables.Attached to the list of 23 people in Qatar: Goalkeepers: 1-Ababaka, 21-Saud-Hairi, 22-Shib; Guards: 2-Musa, 4-Haron, 6-Cazorla, 12-IsMeir, 13-Magid, 15-Correa; Midfielders: 5-Hatim, 7-Tanahata, 9-Salem-Hairi, 14-Said, 16-Huh, 17-BudiyaHusband, 18-Junior; Forwards: 3-Isa, 8-Assad, 10-Hedos, 11-Akram-Affif, 19-Allah, 20-Ali-Affif,23-Sebastian extended reading: 11 players of the starting card of the Warring States of China and the extended exposure: Wu Lei single arrow AFC updated the list of 23 players of the Warring States of China and Zhang Chengdong Fu Huan was unsuccessful